Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foreign Film: Amelie

My friend Savanna recently had me watch the French film Amelie. Not a big watcher of foreign films myself, I was unsure if I would enjoy it, however, the film was funny from the start and the fact that it was in a different language took nothing away from its humor (we of course watched with subtitles). The movie begins with random events that happen at the same time of Amelie’s conception followed by scenes of the quirky girl’s childhood. The story continues with Amelie as a shy adult with the goal to make other’s lives better by doing good things. The people she helps includes a man that used to live in her apartment, a neighbor with brittle bones, her own father and a blind man. Along the way she finds a man with whom she exchanges secret messages in cute ways, trying to build up the courage to meet him. I recommend this movie to anyone, whether they’re a fan of foreign films, or they’ve never watched one before.

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